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Have Fun in Bay Area !
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Bay Area Young Social Group (BAYSG) Bay Area Young Social Group (BAYSG) is a big & leading social group for young people who live in Silicon Valley/ Bay Area. Our members range in age from the 20s to 30s.

BAYSG is a sub-group of AACP (American Association of Chinese Professionals, 美国华人专业人士协会).

BAYSG's mission is

- offer big opportunities for members to make more and more new friends

- strongly grow up members' social network in the real world

- power up members' social capability

BAYSG will host many interesting and big events to archive our goals.

The member of BAYSG will get big price discount on all events hosted by BAYSG.

Invite your friends join BAYSG today and grow your social network today !!!
Bay Snowboarder (Northstar and Sierra sherdder) title says it all
Bayarea Asian Night Life (湾区华人夜生活) 暂无
BayAreaDragon Event Committee This Committee is volunteer-based and it's set up for BayAreaDragon active event organizers, moderators, major contributors to initiate, plan, execute any event idea on behalf of BayAreaDragon in order to serve our community members.
BayAreaDragon Volunteers We DO need volunteers. Join us to brush up your leadership, expand your social networks. Contribute your strength to our community. You will be able to enjoy benefits like free pass/discount to our featured events or our alliances' events.
bayarea band A music band in SF bay area.
Music style: pop, soft rock, classical.
BayHomeExpress 湾区地產直通車 湾区,我们的家园,主要还是房子相关的东西了。
bay area fun (湾区休闲娱乐俱乐部)

* Welcome to the fun club and wish you have fun! *
Our fun club is organized by volunteers in the bay area to have fun in diversified ways - from sports to cultural/art events, from party to outdoor travel. Wish you have fun with our events

Our club is founded in 2004 by a group of volunteers.
Beautiful Life (XZ Club)

This is the group for those who just want to enjoy the beauty of life. Life can be stressful and full of disappointment. But life will always be beautiful if you look it through colorful glass.

Join us and let's enjoy the beautiful life together.
Beauty & Beast Entertainment (BABE)
Dear BABEs,
Dear Hot Dance/Fashion/Fun Lovers,

Welcome to our home and congratulations on being a member of the BEAUTY & BEAST MANUFACTURER !! Here is the place we share information on fashion, makeup, fitness, and discuss feature group activities --- What are they? Catwalk, Hot Dance, Party, Fitness...



Birthday Party Happy Birthday!
Let's celebrate our friends' birthday by astrological signs.

This is a sub-club of cheersbay, a professionals' netwroking site.
Bodhiway (菩提之路) 召唤所有探索生命意义、寻求正觉的心灵之友,彼此互助与抵励,大家一起在菩提之路上共进。



bridge club This is a club for playing contract bridge. Let's find some time from our busy life to relax and have some games for fun.
CanaanGroup (cg) private group
Cantonese This group is for Cantonese speaking folks as well as for people wanting to learn to speak Cantonese.
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