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A Miss Land (行者空間) A Miss Land
A spiritual club: the purpose of life discussi... (The purpose of life) * Have you ever wondered what is the purpose and meaning of life?
* Are you afraid of death, and wondered the darkness beyond your existence?
* What is happiness? How do we define it and how can we pursue it?
* How should we conduct our lives in general? What is morality ?

These are the fundamental questions we often asked when we were young, but they also come back in various stages in our lives, in crisis, in joy, in puzzled times, and in lonely moments. We human beings are creatures of wondering. Socrates said: "Life without thinking is not worth living". So, let's think about them, and let's talk about them!

These questions are often addressed by various religions. But what happen if you don't believe in God, or other supernatural phenomena? What happen if you believe modern science and its materialistic natural explanation is the best way to describe the world? Do we lose our meaning of life in this world, and can we find a meaning of life for ourselves? The answer should be yes, the question is how.

Religions people can go to church every Sunday, but if you don't believe in God, it doesn't mean you don't have a spiritual need, and you don't want to have a community of your own. According to evolution, human beings are supposed to live in small communities. We find comfort and mutual support in such setting. Ever since we human being learned how to think, we have wondered about those questions, and developed the spiritual needs. Those questions have been debated thousands of years, but that doesn't mean they will cease to entertain us for many other years. The traditional religions are the results of those debates a few thousand years ago, but perhaps fresh thinking in light of new science and knowledge will produce something brand new. The world could be a better place !

The purpose of this club is to get together a group of similar minded people to talk about those topics, and to entertain ourselves. If you ever feel lonley during the weekend, come to join us, to discuss, or just to listen. If we have enough people, we can have a meeting every week.

Besides replying/posting on this forum, you can also send an email to, so we can send you notice when we have a meeting. Please also tell us when you will be free and where is the best place to have meeting in the Bay Area. We welcome everyone, male and female, young and old, and even if you believe in God!

For interested people, you can also check the following link:

To read some of the new articles, please check the following blog:

Start from Oct.19,2008, will meet every Sunday (unless cancelled by post at this sit, please check every week), 11:00AM to 12:30PM at a Starbucks Coffee in San Jose, the address is: 2579 North first Street, San Jose, CA (at the south/west corner of W. Trimble/N 1st st). However, we will likely sit at a small courtyard besides Fremont Bank two doors away from the Starbucks. See the pictures below for the location.

The meetings will be Salon style informal chatting and discussions. The topic will be around spiritual, religion, philosophy, life and death, relationship, marriage, happiness, culture, moral, ethic, humanism, and after all, the purpose of life. Anyone will be welcome, and you can just drop in. At this stage, we will not chose a topic for each meeting, instead the topics will be spontaneous.

The photo of Starbucks Coffee shop

(Click on image to view larger image)
We will likely sit at a small courtyard besides the Fremont Bank in the small plaza, two doors away from the Starbucks.

The map of Startbucks at 2579 N 1st str., San Jose, CA

(Click on image to view larger image)
A Thursday Lunch Group (Thursday Lunch) Hi, come and join us to broaden your social circle with a group of fun loving people.

We have a base at yahoo groups:

If you come to the lunch once, we will add your name to the yahoo group list.
Adult topics: Sex and City (成人夜话) Discuss sensitive topics like love and sex in a responsible way. No illegal posts or images.

Members need to be 21+ to apply. By joining this club, you acknowledge that you are 21 years old or above and will follow all related laws/regulations.

认真,负责任地讨论成人及两性话题 (限21岁及以上人士进入)。

Member access only.


It's not for porn content. Accounts will be suspended if uploading any porn pictures.

It's for sth that some members feel uncomfortable but it's still legally acceptable from both US and China ethics standard.

It's something like those midnight Chinese radio programs, or TV series "Sex and City" talking about love and sex in a responsible attitude.
Art of Living (硅谷深呼吸) 生活的艺术主要涵盖压力管理、个人成长、身心健康与人际关系等层面。生活的艺术独特处在于运用特殊的呼吸技术协助人们促进身体、心理与情绪的健康。

AsianAmericanSinglesEvents (Your Asian Connection Inc.) AsianAmericanSinglesEvents is a for active Asian and American singles looking for activities and events to participate in and meet other singles in the Bay Area (San Francisco). Ski trips, volley ball tournaments, singles dances, camping, bowling, hiking, concerts, dinner parties, etc.

Astronomy Club have you ever wondered why there are stars at night?
have you ever wondered how far are the stars?
have you ever fascinated by how the planets move?
have you ever wondered how big is the universe?
have you ever wondered how old is the universe?
audio club It is everything about sound.
Melody, or noise? What's behind?

This is a sub-club of networking community.

Occassionally volunteers post some events over to BAD, but friends are encouraged to get the latest information from
Badminton Clan Badminton Clan connects badminton players in bay area through regular badminton and various social activities. We organize regular badminton activities at Smah City and various badminton facilities. After badminton, we usually go out to eat at a nearby restaurant. Our members range from beginner to advanced. Please join our club if you are interested in playing badminton and meet other badminton players for fun.

Join our mailing list here:

ballroom bootcamp (club bb) We practice "social ballroom dancing" on a regular basis. This is NOT a competitive dancesport group.

Instead, we want to:
1. get people excited about ballroom dancing as a social activity;
2. build a large enough group so people will have ready access to dance partners and "dance mentors" with similar interests/skill levels;
3. get people already taking dance classes to retain the dance patterns they learn in class and to use them on the dance floor;
4. introduce everyone to everyone else in a friendly environment.

Typically, we meet Saturday nights at Cubberley Pavillion in Palo Alto. Look for a little red balloon to find our little group. Usually 10+ people show up at any single meeting.

band (快乐乐手、快乐歌手) 几个朋友的小乐队,绝对业余。因为练习地点是朋友家,故目前不对外公开。

Bay Area Real Estate and Mortgage and Investment (湾区贷款|地产|投资俱乐部) 。地产知识分享
Bay Area Soccer For Fun I just want to play soccer on weekends and can't find a group that's open.

I don't yet have idea where to play and how many of you guys will join. But I am open for weekends either around 10 AM (so I can catch up some sleeps or in the afternoon around 3-4 PM, whatever works for everybody.

Everybody is welcome! All suggestions appreciated!

Send me email at

Bay Area Woman Coffee & Bubble Tea How about have a weekly tea/coffee together, sharing cooking, kids, shopping, even we can play poke together.
Contact me, if you are interested and start from 2 or more women.
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