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Have Fun in Bay Area !
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点燃激情,传递梦想 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay at San Francisco

San Francisco, CA  Yahoo Google Map
时间:  开始时间: 星期三 四月 09, 2008 8:00 am
结束时间: 星期三 四月 09, 2008 5:00 pm
类别:  体育运动 --
性质:  公开活动 [?]
RSVP:  必须  [?]
取消:  不用取消
BayareaDragon volunteers will participate this event to show our support.



(Click on image to view larger image)

What to bring:
  • 推荐着装颜色:红色
  • small chairs and sitting pads
  • 可自带boombox等音响设备、喇叭、walkie-talkie、旗帜、横幅、旗杆及绳子
  • Layered clothing (weather forecast: partly cloudy, high 58°F low 47°F, Precip. 10%, wind W 15mph)
  • Enough food and water (2 liters) for yourself for a day
  • Cell phone, digital camera/camcorder
  • 网友推荐携带物品清单
(taking Bart or Caltrain is strongly recommended. Please come 20 minutes ahead for parking and ticket purchasing, etc.)集合地点:歌词下载:推荐使用的标语旗帜:
  • One World, One Dream 同一个世界,同一个梦想
  • Beijing Welcomes You 北京欢迎你
  • Faster Higher Stronger 更快,更高,更强
  • New Beijing, Great Olympics 新北京,好奥运
  • Friendship, Solidarity and Fair Play – In Olympic Spirit we Celebrate 奥林匹克精神:友好,团结,公平
  • sar001建议的呼喊口号
  • 网友建议的标语口号

相关信息:The RSVP will remain open until the torch relay day. Please join us at any time!

Olympic Torch Route

林昇恒 写到:


主题为"点燃激情,传递梦想"的2008年北京奥运会火炬传递仪式将于四月九日抵达北美唯一的城市旧金山, 作为身在海外的中国人,为祖国第一次以主人的身份举办这样一个举世瞩目的盛会而感到自豪, 让我们以自己的实际行动来支持和参与北京08年奥运会。 我在此诚邀各位协会组织的朋友能踊跃参与四月九日这次难得的活动.



* 散落在地上的北京奥运宣传页,中国国旗请大家帮忙都捡起来,不要被人随意践踏
* Don't get involved into conflict. Stay clam and together with the group.

【Disclaimer of Liability】
This event is organized by volunteers. The volunteer organizers of the activity commonly known as "点燃激情,传递梦想 2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Relay at San Francisco" have made every effort to make this celebration event peaceful and joyful. Nevertheless, accidents may occur. In particular but without limiting anything here, the volunteer organizers of this event disclaim any responsibility for DIRECT OR INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOSSES OR EXPENSES ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH actions of individuals taking part in "点燃激情,传递梦想 2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Relay at San Francisco".

Disclaimer: The Bayareadragon.com, its members, and event leaders take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the posted events. Some events are inherently dangerous and accidents will happen. By joining the club or participating in any events posted on the Bayareadragon.com web page you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. It is your responsibility to determine if the event organizer has the experience and competence to lead the event. The Bayareadragon.com does not certify or confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in events.
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wangtianthu (+1) Sunnyvale, CA
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umesu San Francisco
tomguide Hayward Hehe, I even signed up for...
unicorn San Francisco I am in San Francisco, so ...
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sinasohu163 milpitas many I am No.87xx. :evil:
manch San Jose Re: FW: 大家投票德国...
stars milpitas 网站不负重荷, ...
walkon Sunnyvale LOL
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gen2008 (+3) sunnyvale
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digitalhorse Fremont, CA 早上6:30离家出发...
oakycoco Walnut Creek
coral fremont 護聖火 網友一呼百...
tuic Milpitas 轮子的台吧,有个...
韩怡晴 San Francisco 因为一直在终点,...
 panweilin 北京 beauty of nature & opera
spring2008 Mountain View Hiking
luckybirdli (+1) san francisco
miimoo san jose
laurencetan San Francisco
tonycqk San Jose hiking, sports, outdoor, reading
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sunnymay (+1) fremont
Bayview San Francisco Hundreds Re: I saw JameD, Soylette ...
bajie San Jose 95131
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ahaa Millbrae badminton, cooking, hiking, water s...
dorothyren san jose
zhengbinli Cupertino, ca 这次游行很热闹,上...
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hyh0621 Fremont, CA
vibrato cello, piano, tennis, museums, read...
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jym2307 (+1) San Jose
dengge (+1) sacramento badminton, snowboarding going from sacramento
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mpeng2 (+1) fremont yes, great
earyoyo Fremont Support!!!
lattei Union City
ACCO santa clare
hiway1 San Jose Hmmmm... not yet.....
ynot San Jose 你猜猜
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I work/live in San Francisco, so will go there directly (27+13) BayBird, icetea, zurg, umesu, unicorn, oakycoco, 韩怡晴, luckybirdli(+1), qcrlyn, cynxinzf, Bayview, eastbayer, ahaa, Reneee, lyj836, AnRan, Praxis, lava, ggyak(+3), Linda, msspock(+5), mcleo(+1), BeeGrant, usapril, Being80YearsOld, Granite, Lotus(+3)
I will need bus from South Bay (48+12) mymoon(+1), grandmountain, walkon, gen2008(+3), tuic, miimoo, icefire101(+1), amychen03, ahu, wxlj2008, HUMMER, OASIS99, sky_walker202, asitecn, pz, Eco, 红茶, jc951, zt1128(+1), nokberry, GreatChina, goldenspaceship(+1), seawolf, tsings, daydreaming, seanx, ZhiZhi, 3years, 肥龙, roseyogourt, youxi88, goodlife, eric_s, lmj2000, smokymountains, breezy_spring, king(+1), April07, shaou, bravethinker, tonydong, laofu, 小麻雀, chinaland(+2), bigjack, netfriend, hhhhe(+1), yangyang(+1)
I will need bus from East Bay (10+5) NewYorker, digitalhorse, fa(+2), w4yh, sledgehammer, lmj2000, jing2008(+3), wiserlight, gold, turen
I will carpool to San Francisco (9+2) miimoo, sky_walker202, hyh0621, bayoflife(+1), nokberry, lmj2000, April07, 小麻雀, yangyang(+1)
I will take BART into San Francisco (38+14) BoonHiang, nicoletalk, soylatte, Frank168, sky_walker202, ahaa, hyh0621, vibrato, sundance, 老六, zmichelle(+1), JamesD, bayoflife(+1), feizi, minicooper, 大老千, smokymountains, bluemine, mysterium(+1), e7qz(+2), claude(+3), 奇怪, rrsong, 落雪归根, turen, ChinaMakes, Salmon, vsmile, ItsOK, loveviolet(+1), pli_fremont(+1), honeybug(+2), Leonard, Kirkwood, dengge(+1), mpeng2(+1), earyoyo, lattei
I will take Caltrain into San Francisco (27+14) nicoletalk, camellialy, Frank168, sky_walker202, superdumb, andrewl, eactivity, tendant, yujie(+6), 凡一, lanmao(+1), Juliet, 4fun, April07, jelu02, blueperi(+1), williamyang, ezzy, xun, strawhat(+5), crystal_icy, naturelover, ericgonzalez, lonemao, jym2307(+1), lyan123, ACCO
I will need bus from Foster City (4+3) usguest, flaminglotus(+1), Warriors, chinaland(+2)
I will join April 6 (Sunday) 4pm meeting (20+9) jellyfish, BoonHiang, mymoon(+1), nicoletalk, coral, panweilin, zhengbinli, 老六, littlelight, superdumb, nokberry, yujie(+6), 3years, msm(+1), 凡一, lanmao(+1), Juliet, goodlife, lmj2000, flyriver
I wish to be 国旗手 (9+9) zhengbinli, goldenspaceship(+1), lanmao(+1), sledgehammer, msspock(+5), JessicaBRA(+1), 落雪归根, bravethinker, mpeng2(+1)
I will join 后勤 (9) miimoo, soylatte, amychen03, zhengbinli, 红茶, 3years, smokymountains, 4fun, laofu
I will meet at the startline, coordinator: yujie (19+15) tsings, eactivity, tendant, Warriors, yujie(+6), Bayflag, goodlife, sledgehammer, msspock(+5), mcleo(+1), BeeGrant, mysterium(+1), 落雪归根, xm1982a, laofu, Heron, netfriend, pli_fremont(+1), jym2307(+1)
I will meet at the finishline, coordinator: panweilin (16+1) jellyfish, BoonHiang, mymoon(+1), nicoletalk, digitalhorse, panweilin, yishuihan, Linda, Juliet, TicTacToe, turen, 般若波罗, Being80YearsOld, netfriend, naturelover, hiway1
I will catch 5am B.A.D. van to finishline (9) sinasohu163, coral, tuic, lava, TicTacToe, BMA, harborbay, laofu, netfriend

RSVP (Completed)

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03/13/08 - Undefined
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Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2008-01-24
帖子: 37
居住地: Sunnyvale

帖子发表于: 星期三 三月 12, 2008 3:11 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

What are we going to do? Running after the torch bearers? Or just being audience?

专车接送 sounds so good.
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2007-10-01
帖子: 491
居住地: Fremont

帖子发表于: 星期三 三月 12, 2008 4:15 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

walkon 写到:
What are we going to do?

Carry a replica torch, wear sports attire, and jog around in front of the international TV crews Razz
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2008-01-24
帖子: 37
居住地: Sunnyvale

帖子发表于: 星期四 三月 13, 2008 12:08 am    发表主题: 引用并回复

BoonHiang 写到:
walkon 写到:
What are we going to do?

Carry a replica torch, wear sports attire, and jog around in front of the international TV crews Razz
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2004-12-19
帖子: 472
居住地: Fremont

帖子发表于: 星期四 三月 13, 2008 2:30 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

support support support

I will directly go there from office, and won't join the group carpool.
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2005-11-30
帖子: 179
居住地: East Bay

帖子发表于: 星期四 三月 13, 2008 6:52 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

RSVP has expired? I will join lunch time. Do you know the route in SF?
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2005-01-18
帖子: 2029
居住地: south San Jose

帖子发表于: 星期四 三月 13, 2008 8:19 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

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Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2005-02-13
帖子: 2502
居住地: Fremont

帖子发表于: 星期四 三月 13, 2008 9:13 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

可惜, 不是周末. 还是要声援一下-------

加油, 奥运!



“ for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.”
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客发送电子邮件 Yahoo Messenger

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2007-10-01
帖子: 491
居住地: Fremont

帖子发表于: 星期日 三月 16, 2008 7:45 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

Still a few weeks away, but will see if I can join if I take that day off from work.
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2004-09-28
帖子: 5528
居住地: 北京

帖子发表于: 星期一 三月 17, 2008 12:26 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复


My cousin and her friends will fly from NYC to Bay Area, just to watch this torch relay. How exciting!
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客发送电子邮件

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2005-01-22
帖子: 1576
居住地: Sunnyvale

帖子发表于: 星期一 三月 17, 2008 12:33 pm    发表主题: 引用并回复

panweilin 写到:

My cousin and her friends will fly from NYC to Bay Area, just to watch this torch relay. How exciting!


I'll send the volunteer list to Lin Shengheng later today around 7pm. Carpool option will be added later.
阅览会员资料 发送站内信件博客

Verified: Yes

注册时间: 2004-09-28
帖子: 5528
居住地: 北京

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If you sign up by Tuesday 3/18, transportation from South Bay to San Francisco and a free lunch will be covered. Please make sure to update your profile to show your full name correctly. Either Chinese or English name is OK, but Chinese is preferred.

The RSVP will remain open until the torch relay day. Please join us at any time!

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I will go there directly. I work in San Francisco. Thanks.
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support victory
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have presentation that morning. I will drive there myself around lunch. is it too late to support them?
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